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Sierra Slate framed images are an ideal, affordable home décor.

The slate pictures are created by a permanent, silkscreen like process. We are a green company. No photochemicals or toxins are used in any aspect of our operation.

The Sierra Slate process yields not just a photo on a rock, but a new creation. The depth, fine gradations and shading of each unique piece of slate combine to create a timeless, three- dimensional effect, turning every Sierra Slate frame into a unique piece of hand crafted art.

Sierra Slate images make excellent wall hangings. We also sell metal, hand forged easels in two sizes.

Custom Work

Send your own photos to Sierra Slate, or go to and we will create a personalized slate image for you. Make your photos into a work of art. For the best results, a good picture is required.

We can also make Sierra Slate images of your awards and certificates, creating an indelible keepsake that can be handed down through the generations.
Frequently asked questions

How do you best clean a Sierra Slate image?
A damp cloth works best.

Will direct sunlight damage Sierra Slate?
No, direct sunlight is OK.

Can I use a commercial wall hanger on the back of a Sierra Slate piece?
Yes. You don’t have to find a stud.